• It's on.

    Official confirmation that Apple will be announcing a new product on January 27 has finally come: Engadget reports that Apple has begun sending out invitations for 10:00 in the morning at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Although there is no information as to what the event will be for, expectations are pretty much universal that Apple will announce its new tablet a week from Wednesday, and that it will begin shipping in a few months.

    It had been revealed last month that Apple had reserved the downtown arts center for several days next week. Initial speculation was that the announcement would be made on January 26, but The Wall Street Journal's Jon Paczkowski said at the beginning of this month that his sources said that the date had been fixed as January 27, a week from Wednesday. Apple had often made new product announcements on Tuesdays, but broke that mold last year when it scheduled the "It's Only Rock'n'Roll" event on Wednesday, September 9.

    Last month, the Silicon Valley Insider's business page shared reports that developers had been asked to provide larger-sized demos of their apps for a 10-inch tablet screen. The French site Mac4Ever reported that the new iPhone SDK included a sort of "simulator" enabling devs to easily port their apps from the iPhone's screen to a larger screen. Also expected at this even is the announcement of iPhone OS 4.0, which will be the operating system used on the new device.

    Most sources predict that the tablet will begin shipping in March.

    image via Engadget
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