• Apple Says U.S. Supreme Court Should Reject Samsung's Appeal Request

    Samsung has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear it's final appeal in an ongoing patent battle with Apple. The battle continues..

    A $548 million settlement would be awarded to Apple, but upon lengthy documents filed within the court in the afternoon, Apple urges the Supreme Court to deny Samsung's request, as Apple accuses the company of raising issues that they shouldn't review.

    Samsung's effort to make this case seem certworthy depends on a made-up narrative in which Samsung, not Apple, is the innovator, despite the overwhelming evidence that Samsung copied the iPhone's innovative design. [...]

    Once Samsung's diversions are swept aside as they should be, the actual issues it presents do not deserve review. The decisions below broke no new legal ground; they simply applied the statute and well-settled law to the extraordinary record of infringement and copying in this case.
    Apple continues to say that Samsung has had its day in court and while the litigation is "high-profile," it is "legally unexceptional" and Samsung has not presented a legitimate reason as to why the court should prolong it.

    Apple doesn't feel Samsung's case is worth the Supreme Court's attention. Other tech giants like Facebook, Google and many other companies have all urged the court to take on Samsung's appeal to overturn the ruling in Apple's favor. The concern is the amount that Samsung was forced to pay for its design patent infringement which was nearly $400 million.

    The patent battle has been going on since 2012.

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    1. psxcancer's Avatar
      psxcancer -
      I'm sorry but each manufacturer knows about patent infringement and the fact that you can get sued as a result of it.

      As big as Samsung is, there design team (or clone department) should consult with their legal team to make sure they haven't crossed the line.

      Samsung is to big of a company to not get noticed.
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