• 27-inch iMacs Delayed, Again

    For the second time in its short history, Apple's 27" iMac is subject yet again to shipping delays, with its scheduled turnaround shown at 3 weeks on the online Apple Store, AppleInsider reports. Just a few days ago, estimated shipping times were less than a week. Coming just a week after resellers again started to receive volume shipments of the flagship model, the unexplained delay could indicate ongoing quality problems.

    When it was initially released in October, many users reported power problems with the computers not booting when they were taken out of the box. Apple replaced some of these units, as well as ones with cracked screens. Last month Apple notified Apple Stores and Apple Shops that new iMac shipments would be delayed by two weeks. Apple apologized for the delay, but did not directly address any service issues. Meanwhile, Apple's Support forums filled with multiple threads complaining about display issues. The computer maker released a firmware update purporting to address display flickering, but many users complained that issues - including flickering, yellowing, and dropped-out pixels - continued. These issues have not been reported with Apple’s 21.5-inch iMac.

    The 27-inch iMac was the best-selling desktop machine last quarter. Apple may be moving to squelch potential complaints ahead of its big announcement next week, but for the time being, the company is not giving any explanation for the delay.

    image via Cult of Mac
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