• Apple issues new version of iOS 9.2.1 to fix iPhones bricked by 'Error 53'

    Today, Apple has released an update to iOS 9.2.1 - this update will allow users whose iPhones were bricked by third-party home button repairs to bring their devices back to life.

    The patched iOS 9.2.1 software is not available over the air - it also carries the build number of 13D20 and is flagged for the iPad Mini 3 and later, iPad Air 2, and iPhone 6 and later. As noted by sources applying the update will make disabled iPhones usable again but will not re-enable Touch ID unless the home button is serviced by Apple.

    The bizarre "Error 53" issue first surfaced earlier this month. It caused phones whose home buttons had been replaced by third-party repair shops to fail a security validation, rendering them unusable.

    Apple's update and apology comes just over a week after a class action suit was filed over the incident.

    For Apple’s part, it reacted somewhat quickly to the controversy with today’s fix. The company offered the following statement to TechCrunch regarding the issue:

    Some customers’ devices are showing ‘Connect to iTunes’ after attempting an iOS update or a restore from iTunes on a Mac or PC. This reports as an Error 53 in iTunes and appears when a device fails a security test. This test was designed to check whether Touch ID works properly before the device leaves the factory.

    Today, Apple released a software update that allows customers who have encountered this error message to successfully restore their device using iTunes on a Mac or PC.

    We apologize for any inconvenience, this was designed to be a factory test and was not intended to affect customers. Customers who paid for an out-of-warranty replacement of their device based on this issue should contact AppleCare about a reimbursement.
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    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Oh look, a real explanation of the issue instead of trying to dance around it like before. Lol
    1. WHUDS's Avatar
      WHUDS -
      Happy to not be forced into updates since JB
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