• Upsurge in Mac OS 10.7 Sightings: Release in June?

    According to 9 to 5 Mac, there has been a sharp increase recently of computers with an OS version of 10.7 appearing in their site visitor logs. This has been confirmed by MacRumors, and speculation is growing that the next version of Apple's operating system may appear in time for developer release at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in June.

    9 to 5 Mac makes note of the fact more and more of the appearances are from "the wild:" public IP addresses from different locations, including one outside the United States. Previously, site visits showing an OS version of 10.7 had all been from the 17.x.x.x IP address range used at Apple’s Cupertino, California main campus. This is taken as an indication that pre-beta seeds of the new operating system are in the hands of partners, such as developers. It's true, however, that OS versions can be easily faked by a browser.

    Last year, Mac Rumors noted the appearance of an error string on Mac OS Forge that claimed to be from developer build 11A47. This build ID was thought to be from a development build of OS X 10.7, since Snow Leopard builds all had the prefix 10A, and Leopard pre-release builds started with 9A.

    MacNN suggests that all the hits have to do with a lot of Apple employees coming back from holiday vacations, noting that it appears that the build is mature enough for a larger number of testers to have it on their desktops. The revision has been long-expected, with John Gruber of Daring Fireball recently dropping in the middle of a long piece about the forthcoming Apple tablet reports he had been getting from his sources that 10.7 would be released to developers at this year's WWDC.

    image via OS X Daily
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