• Inability to Use Apple Pencil for Navigation in iOS 9.3 Appears to be Intentional

    During the iOS 9.3 beta testing period, iPad Pro users running the update have noticed a disturbing feature removal that limits the functionality of the Apple Pencil. In the current version of iOS, iOS 9.2, the Apple Pencil can be used for navigational purposes, just like a finger. It's possible to tap on buttons, select text, scroll, swipe between apps, access menus, and access general editing controls in non-drawing apps.

    With iOS 9.3, much of that functionality has been removed. The Apple Pencil is no longer able to be used for selecting and manipulating text or doing things like scrolling -- it's only available for selecting buttons and drawing, sketching, and writing within apps.

    Early on, Apple Pencil users thought the feature removal was perhaps a bug, but full Apple Pencil functionality has not been restored in later betas and the release notes that accompany betas have never mentioned the Apple Pencil's inability to be used for navigational purposes as a known issue. In a recent podcast, Relay.fm co-founder Myke Hurley said he's heard that the decision isn't a bug, but an intentional design decision.

    Sources in the know confirm that removing the functionality of the Apple Pencil is a decision inside of Apple. It is not a bug they have overlooked for three betas. It is a decision.
    Many iPad Pro users have come to rely on the Apple Pencil as a finger replacement in some situations, and it is not entirely clear why Apple has opted to eliminate that functionality. iOS 9.3 is expected to be released in the spring, perhaps at Apple's March 15 event, which means the end of the beta testing period is fast approaching. As Caldwell points out, Apple still has time to re-add the Apple Pencil features back into the operating system ahead of that date.

    UPDATE: It seems that Apple have mentioned to The Verge that there will be Navigation for Apple Pencil in future Beta's.

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    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      It'll be interesting to hear the logic on this one. They seem to be asking people to put the pencil down to do other navigation for essentially no reason. And whatever reason they have can't be compelling enough.

      I was think of replacing my nearly 5 year old iPad with an iPad pro when they hit the refurb store, but so far Apple doesn't even have a placeholder in the refurb list, and now they're limiting functionality!
    1. gldoorii's Avatar
      gldoorii -
      If you can't figure out how to touch the screen to do things while holding the Pencil in your hand, then you should probably go back to elementary school because it is by no means a chore.
    1. spinal_cord's Avatar
      spinal_cord -
      What can possible be the point of removing functionality? That is the question, not whether or not someone can still poke the screen with their finger while holding the pencil. Yet another reason not to buy one.
    1. Albut's Avatar
      Albut -
      They'll probably want money for compatibility knowing Apple
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