• Apple TV universal search integrates ABC, Disney Channel, Disney Jr. and Disney XD

    Apple has today added four new universal search options to the fourth-generation Apple TV: Watch ABC, Disney X.D, Disney Channel and Disney Jr. This allows users to easily find content like Modern Family and Star Wars Rebels after pressing the Siri button on the Siri Remote. The move brings the total number of sources in universal search to 14.

    Disney is the latest Apple TV content provider to take advantage of the set-top's universal search API, as deep links to content from the company's Disney Channel, Disney Jr., Disney X.D and Watch ABC tvOS apps are now accessible via text and Siri voice search.

    The additions allow fourth-generation Apple TV owners search for ABC hits like "Black-ish" and "Castle," as well as a comprehensive list of Disney shows including "Pickle and Peanut" and "Girl Meets World." Using Siri, users are able to surface viewing options from Disney's complement of tvOS apps alongside other outlets like iTunes and Hulu, even if those apps aren't yet installed on the device.

    A tentpole feature of the fourth-generation Apple TV, universal taps Siri to surface shows and other content from a host of compatible providers. In the example above, sitcom "Black-ish" is shown with availability from iTunes, Hulu and ABC.

    Apple introduced the handy content search feature when it shipped the fourth-generation Apple TV last year, with initial support limited to iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime and HBO. Prior to launch, Apple promised to open universal search APIs to developers last October, though providers have been slow to adopt the feature.

    In January, PBS and PBS Kids were the first apps to tap into the tvOS universal search API when Apple opened access to developers late last year. Fox, FX Now and Nat Geo provisioned their respective catalogs into universal search earlier this month.
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    1. quijano187's Avatar
      quijano187 -
      Great news !! Keep it coming Apple. Now if we can get this feature for plex on apple tv my dreams will come true.
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      God I hate the new Apple TV touch control and the damn Siri never works.
      I can imagine myself trying to use Siri to do a universal search, Siri can not get it right and I end up yelling at a remote until I give up and decide to use the less problematic touchpad input...
      Apple need to make it so that we can do hand writing input like they have on my car.
    1. dboone21's Avatar
      dboone21 -
      Great. Now let's get Amazon off their *** and create the Amazon Prime app for the ATV and this thing will really be worth it.
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