• Apple's Fight For "iPad" Rages On

    If anything is more frustrating than our wait for the iPad's release, it must be Apple's struggle to secure a trademark that is believed to carry the name of the long awaited tablet, which is expected to be formally unveiled this week. According to PC World this morning:

    Whilst a company called Slate Computing -- thought to be a front company for Apple -- registered the iPad trademark in Canada, Europe and Hong Kong in July last year, Fujitsu still owns the iPad trademark for handheld computing in the U.S., although appeared less than committed to keeping it.
    Consequently, it appears that Apple will not have a lock on the iPad trademark ahead of their January 27th event in San Francisco. Nonetheless, Apple is jumping all over the apparent reality that Fujitsu has all but totally "abandoned" the iPad trademark by not doing anything with it. At least that seems to be Apple's theory, though records indicate that Fujitsu once again aimed to retain the iPad trademark as recently as six months ago.

    Apple has now filed three petitions to extend the deadline to February 28 to take the name away from Fujitsu. Apple has until that date to submit evidence it is the rightful owner of the iPad trademark.
    No one knows for certain if the iPad designation is meant for the tablet or perhaps some other product or service Apple may have in the works. All that is known with regard to this situation is that Apple is hungry for this trademark like no other. So while its significance to us may be minimal, it is obviously of great importance to Cupertino.

    Incredibly (although I find this difficult to believe), some analysts believe that Apple may not have yet officially decided on the tablet's name. If legal wrangling over the next 48 hours fails to secure the "iPad" name for Apple, the company could resort to "iSlate" or "iTablet" as the device's name for the big reveal on Wednesday.

    Image via KR Connect
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