• Apple Tablet Likely to Run iPhone Apps

    Only forty-eight hours away from knowing all we could ever want to know about the new Apple tablet, and yet the speculations continue to swirl about the forthcoming tablet. We've all heard by now that the tablet will effectively serve as a gigantic iPhone. Further evidence to support this theory is presented today by the folks at Flurry, an analytics firm that is shedding light on the worst kept secret in the tech world.

    Using Flurry Analytics, the company identified approximately 50 devices that match the characteristics of Apple's rumored tablet device. Because Flurry could reliably "place" these devices geographically on Apple's Cupertino campus, we have a fair level of confidence that we are observing a group of pre-release tablets in testing.
    At present, iPhones and iPod touch devices run on the 3.1.2 version of the OS. With the tablet already widely expected to run the same OS, Flurry is pointing to their findings as evidence of such.

    On these devices, Flurry observed approximately 200 different applications in use by testers. Studying category trends provides insight into the kind of user Apple is targeting and how it expects the device to be used.
    Despite the hopes of many who made a mad dash to the Flurry report, it does not serve up any info on the overall look or design of the tablet. This is strictly an analytical report on the tablet's suspected operating system and its rumored ability to run iPhone applications.

    Apple is presently gearing up for its January 27 mega event where "Come see our latest creation" is the headlining banner. Steve Jobs is likely going to be on hand to personally unveil the tablet.

    Image via Flurry
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