• Major Apps Planned In Anticipation of Apple Tablet?

    The LA Times put it best today: Not since biblical times has the arrival of a tablet been greeted with such anticipation.

    As the tech world holds its collective breath in anticipation of Wednesday's supposed tablet release, major industries are preparing to piggy back on Apple by lining up applications that could be even more self-supporting than they are consumer-minded.

    The New York Times, for example, is believed to be rolling out a premium subscription application for the tablet, which, according to multiple reports, will similarly run iPhone applications. At present, iPhones and iPod touch devices run on the 3.1.2 version of the OS. The tablet is widely expected to run the same OS.

    From the LA Times:

    Condé Nast Publications, publisher of 18 magazines, and HarperCollins Publishers have been approached about developing content for Apple's tablet, according to the Wall Street Journal. HarperCollins declined to comment, but Condé Nast issued a news release last week, touting sales of a digital version of its men's magazine, GQ, for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and acknowledging it was developing content for "the anticipated tablet from Apple."
    While it's anyone's guess if Apple's tablet can help revitalize the struggling newspaper industry, the device will almost certainly claim an enormous chunk of Amazon's "mammoth influence over the book market" and provide a fresh platform for digital content and e-books. As an e-reader, the tablet could very well rock the market - a market that is growing much bigger and faster than virtually anyone expected.

    Amazon said that the Kindle is its bestselling product ever and that on Christmas Day, digital book downloads exceeded physical book sales. As of January, Sacconaghi said the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle were sold out, "another strong indicator of burgeoning demand."
    E-books aside, if the tablet proves a "gigantic iPhone," the App Store will definitely be targeted by developers with a full slate of applications that could quickly revolutionize our favorite and most familiar forms of news and entertainment content.

    In case you haven't heard by now, Apple will officially unveil the tablet this Wednesday, January 27th.

    Image via Reuters
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