• Is This Our First Look At Apple's Tablet?

    Fat chance.

    At least that's my estimation in response to the photos that surfaced overnight with claims that they are, in fact, the first public images of the still mythical Apple tablet. Even our friends at Tech Crunch are reluctant to speculate as to the veracity of these images, but that hasn't stopped plenty of folks from believing that they have finally seen the promised land.

    Who knows if these are real, but these are easily the most legitimate looking pictures I’ve ever seen of the supposed Apple Tablet/iPad/iSlate/iBook/Whatever It Will Be Called. Further, UI designer Dustin Curtis tells us a friend sent him these pictures — and from what we hear, that friend could work at Apple (he wouldn’t confirm that).
    Although the above photo has all the trappings of a set-up ripe for the gullible among us, I tend to land on the side of caution and mostly agree with the conspiracy theorists who speculate that this is merely a nicely Photoshopped characterization of what the real thing will look like.

    According to Charlie Sorrel of Gadget Lab:

    Still, it might be my favorite mock-up so far, if only because the super-simple slab-like design fits with my idea of what the actual tablet will look like.

    At this point, who cares to argue? We'll know soon enough if the "leaked photo" is legit, as Apple will likely unveil the real thing tomorrow in San Francisco. Of course, as one observer put it, we may not even be able to adequately envision all that the tablet will encompass. And it turns out that this has become a widely held view, particularly in the wake of Steve Jobs "prophetic" comments in Apple's earnings announcement yesterday.
    "The new products we are planning to release this year are very strong, starting this week with a major new product that we're really excited about."

    Images via Tech Crunch
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