• iTunes 9.0.3 - Minor Fixes and Jailbreak Safe

    It appears that Apple has released iTunes 9.0.3, an update which corrects some minor bugs. Although I can't say that I have ever run into any syncing problems, apparently this update fixes various problems with Smart Playlists.

    One bug however that does come with a warm welcome is the "Remember Password" fix. If you haven't noticed, the previous version would not remember your selection if you chose to remember the password for iTunes purchases. It's about time on this one, I've been getting tired of doing this over and over.

    Other than that, no news on the iPad, no news on compatibility with the iPad, and no new features added to iTunes. Although it's a little early for iPad updates, I wouldn't be surprised if we see an update soon that brings iPad support, a bit ahead of the release to ensure everyone is ready.

    iTunes 9.0.3 provides a number of important bug fixes, including:

    • iTunes no longer ignores your "Remember password for purchases" setting.
    • Addresses problems with syncing some Smart Playlists and Podcasts with iPod.
    • Resolves a problem recognizing when iPod is connected.
    • Addresses issues that affect stability and performance.
    All of that being said, iTunes 9.0.3 is safe for all you Jailbreakers out there. No need to worry on this update. Go ahead and update as you wish.

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