• [UPDATED] ModMyi Apple Event Blog - March 21

    Join us on March 21 at 10 a.m. PDT to see our live blog.

    This year for Apple's Event I will be posting a LIVE BLOG updating the page every few seconds on what is happening at Apple's Live Event. There will be live video feed from Apple available on Apple's website, however there has been issues in the past in regards to their servers where the website was not available for a period of time so I thought it would be a good idea this year for ModMyi to have it's own live blog just like other websites have, ModMyi wants to be your #1 source of information.

    I have been working extra hard for this site to stay lively and hope you can help make the community a better place. I also thank everyone for their support through my inbox too :-)

    I hope you can join us on this day, the event is streaming at 4am AEST (my time) so I do hope you do join us.

    We will be up and running throughout the entire event with Live Blog Feeds on March 21st.

    The date HAS BEEN confirmed by Apple. Please schedule the date here to your calendar.

    We recommend watching the live conference as well as being on our page as we can discuss together as a community what is happening in the Live Event.

    * Live Blog will most likely not auto-refresh and user will need to refresh themselves.
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