• Apple Giving 15% Payoff to Unsatisfied iMac Owners

    While the flickering problem experienced by some owners of 27-inch iMacs may be - at least partly -addressed by a new firmware update, the yellow tinted screens that have also been a common complaint appear no closer to resolution. With month after month going by and still no fix in sight, Apple may be moving into damage control mode, with reports coming in that the company has quietly offered full refunds to the most seriously affected customers, and throwing in an extra 15% of the purchase price (or $300 US for a $2000 system) as an apology.

    Gizmodo passed on a leak today from a UK-based Apple authorized service provider who reports a severe backlog of replacement 27-inch LCD panels. With 230 machines awaiting replacement of their screens and no parts shown on hand nor any estimated time of delivery, the reseller says that Apple has been offering people in the queue a refund of their purchase price. The contact also said that Apple was picking up the malfunctioning computers from people's homes and offices free of charge.

    The contact also said that the refund is being offered by both Apple Stores and third-party retail outlets, but that "the refund itself comes from Apple not the 3rd party retailer. We've had two customers that have both gotten there [sic] machines' refunded plus the 15%." in order to be eligible for the refund, according to a separate report, customers need to have gotten their 27-inch iMacs replaced by another unit with problems. A Gizmodo reader who received the payout said they had more than one unit with a yellow screen, then got another new model with a working screen but malfunctioning Bluetooth.

    Gizmodo has been following this issue closely, and on Friday of last week posted a memo purported to be an internal Apple Support message, directing tech support reps to offer refunds to users who "needed an immediate resolution." Other customers were directed to leave their contact information so that Apple could ship them a replacement.
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