• MacWorld 2010 Begins This Week. Anyone Care?

    Talk about the power of Apple.

    The MacWorld Expo 2010 will get underway this week in beautiful San Francisco, California where the iPad was recently unveiled to great fanfare. But when it comes to great fanfare, don't expect much from MacWorld this year. It's just not gonna happen. The excitement surrounding the annual event has literally been sucked out of the occasion in light of Apple pulling the plug on its involvement.

    Apple said its reason for leaving MacWorld was based on the reduced value of working trade shows given the decimated potential they offer for connecting with fans and consumers in a meaningful way. While our eyes and ears will be peeled both inside and out of MacWorld this year, we're just not hearing much reason for enthusiasm. Realizing that this would be a likely issue, the MacWorld event received its first ever February scheduling to dance around scheduling conflicts with the Consumer Electronics Show.

    So what's on tap still? Count on lots of vendors compensating for Apple's absence by rolling out a plethora of new Apple accessories and software. But, as of last count, the number of total vendors when compared to last year's show equals only about half. All told, about 250 vendors/booths will be on hand. Arguably the biggest attraction this week? Film director Kevin Smith and former Apple dignitary Guy Kawasaki. Both men will be on hand to "liven things up."

    Of course, if Apple introduces a new MacBook Pro model, Apple may once again steal the show at MacWorld... even without showing up for it.
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