• [HOW TO] Remove OTA update badges on 9.2.X

    Things you'll need

    1. Before you do this turn off your lock screen password and find my iPhone or youíll run into errors.
      [A side note if you're on a mac to find your library. Look under go and hold down the alt/option key. Same goes when dragging your backup to your desktop.]

    2. Go to /System Files/Home Domain/Library/Preferences then open com.apple.Preferences.plist
      <key>kBadgedForSoftwareUpdateKey</key> Change true to false
      <key>kBadgedForSoftwareUpdateJumpOnceKey</key> Change true to false
    3. If you get a pop up after rebooting just go into settings and storage and remove the update again. I had this problem but after removing the update it never came back.
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    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      I followed this guide and got to this part:
      <key>kBadgedForSoftwareUpdateKey</key> Change true to false
      <key>kBadgedForSoftwareUpdateJumpOnceKey</key> Change true to false

      The first key was already set to "false/" and the second one didn't exist. The reason? The application I was told to use was editing an old backup and not doing anything on my phone. The guide should say "make a fresh backup of your phone with iTunes," especially since it doesn't explain exactly what you are doing and why.
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