• Macworld Holds Court for Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

    Microsoft has revealed its next version of Office for Mac - creatively titled Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. I wonder how long it took them to come up with that? Nonetheless, Microsoft opted for a Macworld forum in which to reveal new details about the popular suite, which is expected to ship at the end of this year.

    As we understand it, Office 2011 for Mac will serve up ribbon support for applications. According to Microsoft, the ribbon will be comparable to Office 2010 (for Windows), but this time around with Mac-centric support.

    At Macworld today, Microsoft made it patently clear that they have their laser-like focus trained on three objectives with the release of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. Understandably, better compatibility across platforms is the chief goal, followed by improved collaboration resources and tools, and, finally, a touched up and more sophisticated user interface.

    In case you're wondering (and forgot from the earlier announcement), yes, the 2011 suite comes with Outlook for Mac, a suitable replacement for "Entourage" as Office's official e-mail client. Although many Apple fans find it cumbersome to get excited about any Microsoft offering, Office for Mac 2011 will enable Mac users to share files and collaborate on a wide variety of projects and documents through Microsoft's SharePoint, SkyDrive, and Office Web Apps.

    Pretty nifty, huh?

    Image via MacWorld
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