• IBM takes Lotus to Apple for Mac, iPhone, iPod

    IBM is coming to Macs, iPods, and iPhones with a new version of its popular Lotus collaboration and social software suite.

    Revealed just before the start of the weekend at Macworld, IBM isn't saying much about the release for now, except that the segue into Apple territory will likely be viewed fondly by many - particularly those hoping that the iPhone will continue to replace the Blackberry as the ultimately mobile business phone, resource, and professional tool.

    From IMB:

    Today's news underscores IBM's commitment to expanding its software to support the increasing global mobile work force and popular consumer devices.
    IBM says the release will allow professionals from all walks of life presently using Apple devices like Macs and iPhones to begin enjoying "business-grade social networking and instant messaging." Tossed into the mix, of course, is securely encrypted email and other helpful collaborative applications.

    In case you're wondering, IBM also hinted at a forthcoming effort to build Lotus apps for the iPad.

    The aforementioned software suite remains in beta stages, but when formally rolled out, Mac users can anticipate a pretty nifty "Microsoft Office alternative sporting spreadsheet, document, and presentation applications that support most Microsoft Office features."

    Image via IBM
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