• Snow Leopard Upgrade (Mac OS X version 10.6.3) Imminent?

    There is rampant speculation today that a Snow Leopard upgrade is on the way. Some say, in fact, that Monday could begin with the upgrade's arrival. Others expect it sooner - sort of like a Valentine's Day surprise. But are we getting our hopes up too soon?

    The rumor mill began spinning with a report from Softpedia, which purports to have reason to believe that an Apple upgrade for Snow Leopard is practically moments away.

    If it's true that Apple is about to release Mac OS X 10.6.3, Softpedia says that the most recent builds seeded to developers "stand as evidence that development has followed a straight line, with few impediments."

    As of now, the Mac OS X version 10.6.3 will be all about security and basic maintenance fixes. It will also be the third update to the Snow Leopard operating system.

    Of course, there are other clues that an update is forthcoming, the most obvious of which is Apple's move last week to send out a pre-release test beta of Mac OS X 10.6.3. If Apple got the response it wanted from the developers who were sought to test drive AirPort, GraphicsDrivers and QuickTime, then it stands to reason that Apple would roll out the update for all soon - even possibly today.

    We shall find out soon enough if these reports are accurate or a tad bit premature.
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