• Apple re-releases iOS 9.3, fixes Activation Lock bug on older devices

    On Monday, Apple pushed out another build of iOS 9.3 which fixes issues related to Activation Lock bug which occured on older iOS Devices.

    13E237, which is iOS 9.3 new build number. Many users who have experienced the bug on the Activation Lock screen since last week may need to restore their device via iTunes to upgrade to the new version and address the issue.

    Apple stopped signing the previous 13E236, which was released specifically for the iPad 2 last week to address the authentication issue.

    Apple has also published a support document offering a workaround suggestion. Apple urges affected users to reset their password through iCloud, perform an iTunes-based installation and activation, or remove Activation Lock through iCloud.com.

    iOS 9.3 still has another unrelated bug which causes apps to crash and freeze when attempting to open hyperlinks in Safari, Mail, and Messages, as well as third-party Web browsers like Google Chrome. The issue is apparently unpatched in the new iOS 9.3 update, and affects all devices.

    [via 9to5Mac]
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    1. NSXrebel's Avatar
      NSXrebel -
      Sweet, so the 9.3 jailbreak will probably not be affected. Bring it on!
    1. Purple Minion's Avatar
      Purple Minion -
      That hyperlink bug sounds a bit nasty. If I were a jail-breaker, I'd probably wait until that was resolved before issuing anything to the masses.

      On a related note, it seems Apple needs a better way of beta testing their upcoming releases. Is it just me, or do they always seem to be releasing updates with nasty little surprises embedded within?
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