• "Apple Guards" Physically Intimidate Reporter in China

    It's no secret that Apple plays things pretty close to the chest. They don't like divulging "secrets" and we know the drill. It's a situation taken somewhat seriously here in the United States. In China, however, guarding Apple secrets is apparently much more serious and potentially dangerous business - particularly for reporters looking for a story.

    I'm alluding to the fact that a Reuters reporter was allegedly physically "attacked" by two guards outside of the Foxconn plant which is believed to have been manufacturing parts for Apple. The reporter was reportedly grabbed and kicked by the guards who sought to detain the man before Chinese police were called and set the man free. By all accounts, the Chinese police were actually friendlier than the "Apple guards" referenced.

    Although it isn't necessarily clear how much of this story (if any) is being exaggerated for dramatic effect, the media coverage is clearly playing up the high drama and using the incident to profess the "Iron Curtain" of secrecy behind which Apple operates on both foreign and domestic soil.

    Of course, let's be fair. As Reuters alluded to its own coverage of this situation, it's highly unlikely that Steve Jobs personally instructed the guards outside the plant to physically intimidate anyone. Yet it's unfortunate that it had to happen. And, either way, it sort of looks bad for Apple - not to mention renews our belief that Cuppertino always operates in secret and in shadow.

    Image via Reuters
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