• Apple fixes Siri Passcode Bypass Bug and Night Shift + Low Power Mode Trick

    Today, we reported about a new iPhone 6s/6s Plus passcode bypass vulnerability that allowed handlers to access photos and contact details without needing to verify with a passcode or Touch ID. The Lock screen vulnerability was made possible by Siri, and let users bypass the security provided by the Lock screen passcode and/or Touch ID.

    The fix was implemented server side without the need for an iOS update by Apple.
    Apple has fixed the passcode bypass method by forcing Siri to request your Lock screen passcode whenever a user tries to search Twitter via Siri while at a secured Lock screen

    If you ask Siri to “Search Twitter” while at the Lock screen, you’ll now receive a response that says “you’ll need to unlock your iPhone first.” Previously, Siri would simply ask what the user would like to search for. The fix, which was apparently implemented sometime today, prevents handlers from accessing sensitive photos or contact information without first entering their passcode.

    Apple has fixed another bug, which let you activate Night Shift Mode while Low Power Mode is enabled. That trick also relies on Siri. Now, when you ask Siri to enable Night Shift while Low Power Mode is enabled, you’re met with a response that says: “In order to turn on Night Shift, I’ll have to turn off Low Power Mode. Shall I continue?”
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    1. jamiebarrett's Avatar
      jamiebarrett -
      It's not fixed on my iPhone 6 !
    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      I really don't get the reason for confining Low Power Mode to a rigid set of preferences. I would use it only if I could change the auto-lock and use Night Shift.
    1. Matthews436's Avatar
      Matthews436 -
      Yep works on my 6S+ [emoji106]
    1. cellswapinc's Avatar
      cellswapinc -
      Works on my 6s+ [emoji678]
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