• Metadata on iTunes suggests ability to hide stock apps on iPhone and iPad

    Many users for years have wanted Stock iOS to hide apps from the home screen, so that the least used apps like 'Tips' or 'Stocks' apps can be hidden. Well that may be about to happen.

    The internal App Store JSON data source has added a couple of new interesting keys in the last couple of weeks which suggests Apple will add the ability to hide stock apps soon, maybe in the future release of iOS 10? We think that core apps and features like the Phone or Messages app will remain and won't be able to hide these apps, but we assume that apps like Compass or Calculator would be able to remove or hide them.

    Let's not forget that Tim Cook did hint at something like this in an interview with Buzzfeed back in September.

    The iTunes MetaData leak doesn't reveal information about how Apple will implement this feature. We can imagine that if a user was to hide the Stocks app but wanted to restore it to the Home Screen, they would have to visit the App Store.. or better yet maybe it will be available in the Settings App just like the Jailbreak Application 'HideMe'.

    If Apple choose to go for the App Store option mentioned above, the stock Apps could become less dependant on the system OS, which could allow Apple to push updates to these Stock Apps rather than waiting on a new OS to branch out.

    [via Apple News]
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    1. Sage I's Avatar
      Sage I -
      That would be nice to finally do that... On iOS 4 & 5 I would use ifile to remove the stocks and weather apps completely, not just hide them but remove all traces of them... It would free up a little bit of space and it was very satisfying to get rid of something I never would use...
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