• Apple Gets Dragged Back to Senate for Further Testimony on User Privacy

    If this trend continues, representatives from Apple may be warranted in asking for their own parking space in front of the US Capitol. As lawmakers continue to poke and prod around anything and everything that appears to threaten or outright violate the mobile privacy of smartphone users, there's a strong possibility that Apple will remain in - or at least close to - the center of attention on Capitol hill.

    Word broke late yesterday that executives from Apple - along with Google and others - have been called back to senate chambers to testify yet again this week. On Thursday, however, a different panel of senators will be afforded their opportunity to grill the subjects. On May 19th - this Thursday, the Consumer Protection, Safety and Insurance Subcommittee will have their shot at Apple and company.

    In the wake of "Locationgate," Congress has been sniffing around the brewing issue and not taking matters likely. Just last week, Apple Vice President of Software Technology Guy L. "Bud" Tribble made his way to Washington D.C. where he both testified and confirmed that Apple has never kept tabs on its users' location. Of course, as many of our readers in this forum subsequently pointed out, Tribble is right. Apple itself never tracked user location. The iPhone - not Apple - was doing it.

    The hearing, which has already been dubbed "Consumer Privacy and Protection in the Mobile Marketplace," will promptly commence Thursday at 10:00 am EST. It's going to be "must see TV" for C-Span.

    Source: CNET
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