• Rumored Apple Maps Web Application on the way?

    Apple is rumored to take the Apple Maps service available to everyone on the web and not just through our iPhone's, iPad's, Apple Watches or iPods but through a desktop web application which will allow the user to visit Safari or another web based browser and view it which will enable users to embed it on to their website, send the location of choice to other users and blog about it.

    Apple has made it publicly available on WWDC 2016 webpage, which appears to take advantage of an interactive, embedded Maps view. It is the first time Apple has used an embedded version of Maps view on their website.

    [via iDB]
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    1. X-Men's Avatar
      X-Men -
      Evrytime apple try to gibe the best to its customers but when it comes to the map, it betrayed its customers by giving the not even second quality but the worst map (but it's getting improved now.

      But surely Google map is the best in the business. I don't think this announcement will make any change.

      And also removing youtube app from built in app list was a bad idea.
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