• HTC Vive Owners Can Use Their iPhone to Answer Calls, Message and view Calendar in Virtual Reality

    HTC Vive's Companion App is now available on the iOS App Store. It's a free download and its available now.

    HTC puts quite a bit of effort into virtual reality (VR), and for iPhone owners wanting to get in on the fun with the VR can now do so. With the app, you'll be able to access many features.

    You'll be able to answer phone calls, look at texts, and even look at calendar events all within the virtual world of virtual reality. However many elements are missing in the iOS version of the app if you were to compare with Androids version of the Vive Companion App; those including the ability to send responses back to calls and text messages. The functionality however is nice for the iPhone.

    Rumors speculating that Apple is developing their own virtual reality headset, it is unknown when Apple will get around to releasing it... maybe in June's WWDC 2016? We hope so!

    You can now download it free here: HTC Vive

    [via The Verge]
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