• Facebook Reportedly developing camera-based app with Focus on Live Streaming

    Facebook is reportedly developing a new independent app which is camera-based in the companies efforts to push people away from uploading to Facebook.

    According to 'The Wall Street Journal', Facebook is rumored to be hard at work on building an independent camera app which will have a big focus on live streaming content. A team based in London, England called "friend-sharing" team, is currently working on the app which is said to open directly to a camera view much like Snapchat and is a prototype of the service which has been developed already.

    “A prototype of the app developed by Facebook’s “friend-sharing” team in London opens to a camera, similar to disappearing photo app Snapchat, the people said. Another planned feature allows a user recording video through the app to begin live streaming, they added.”
    Users will launch the app which will automatically go into a camera mode, and allow users to either take a photo or video, or easily begin live streaming.

    Facebook's Instagram might serve a similar purpose, but the new app is said to be less artistically-minded, with a smaller number of steps between shooting a photo or video and uploading it.

    The Facebook Live feature is a big part of the social network’s future, so hearing about another Facebook app makes sense. Facebook isn’t a stranger to a standalone camera app, as the social network has released one in the past. However, this sounds like Facebook is taking it much more seriously this time around.

    [via WSJ]
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