• Hands on with 'Glyph Keyboard' for iOS developed by our very own, Zokunei


    Have you ever wanted a Keyboard that has hundreds of characters that isn't available on the default keyboard?
    Well now you can with 'Glyph Keyboard' which is now available in the iOS App Store.

    I played around with Glyph Keyboard for a good two days before writing this review to get an insight on what this Keyboard Extension has to offer. The most important feature of the keyboard is the ability to select hundreds of characters which aren't available for stock devices running iOS however others who don't have the Keyboard Extension installed can still view the characters being sent to them.

    You will still need to access Apple's default standard keyboard which is only a click of a finger as the keyboard doesn't offer standard QWERTY characters.

    The keyboard is very precise and makes it easy to type in characters that you don't have with the stock OS Keyboard. When you swipe your finger across the keyboard, there are many more choices of characters to choose from. It's not only the messages app that you can use this, I've tested it on Whatsapp also so I assume that the Keyboard Extension works on all Apps for iOS. I also love how there are is a dark theme and a light theme which I can choose from.

    There are 7 categories of keyboard characters to choose from; Favorites, Letterlike Symbols, Mathematical Operators, Miscellaneous Symbols, Miscellaneous Technical, , Box Drawing and Dingbats. You can then press the 'globe' located at the bottom right on the keyboard and it will take you back to your default standard iOS keyboard or another keyboard extension you have installed.

    There are two themes to choose from for the look of the keyboard, including a dark theme and a light theme which is chosen as default.

    I would like to see further development made on the app and I hope to see standard 'ABC' characters (QWERTY keyboard) introduced as a category as that would make me stick with the keyboard as a default rather than changing back and forth to using Apple's standard keyboard.

    Let's not forget that this app is made by our very own Zokunei who is a Super Moderator with over 7,284 posts, thank you lots.

    App Features:

    • Hundreds of characters that aren't on the systems keyboards
    • Editable Favorites Section
    • Dark and Light themes
    • Six different categories of Glyphs
    • Glyphs are standard text supported in any app and on many different systems
    • This app does not ask for Full Access

    App Information:

    Developer: Devin Glover A.K.A Zokunei
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: iOS 8.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
    Pricing: 99c
    Available in the iOS App Store
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