• ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ reportedly to have Dual Cameras, Smart Connector & more

    We are still months away from the announcement for the iPhone 7, however it doesn't stop rumors and speculation which depicts the upcoming iPhone 7 from making an appearance.

    Today, a Japanese magazine called Mac Fan has details of an unconfirmed "iPhone 7 Pro" in it's magazine, including what it looks to be design schematics for the dubbed "iPhone 7 Pro". The Japanese magazine "Mac Fan" states that the iPhone will feature the same size dimensions as the iPhone 6s Plus, it will boast dual iSight cameras on the back, and will not feature a 3.5mm headphone jack.

    Many rumors speculated in the past stated that the iPhone 7 would appear thinner, however this report from "Mac Fan" states that it measures at 7.3mm thin which is the same size as the iPhone 6s Plus, which is interesting as it was rumored the 3.5mm audio jack was to make it even thinner than the current generation devices. Keeping the same thickness as the iPhone 6S Plus would make sense due to the dual-camera system on the back of the iPhone 7. The report does show that Apple is including two new iSight cameras on the back but doesn't include any additional information of the iPhone's camera.

    The image shown above shows that the rumored "iPhone 7 Pro" will feature a smart connector near the bottom of the handset which is rumored that Apple Inc will adopt.

    It will be interesting if Apple was to adopt the iPhone 7 "Pro" name rather than the "Plus" it has in the past.

    Do you prefer “iPhone 7 Pro” or “iPhone 7 Plus?”
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    1. HovikGas's Avatar
      HovikGas -
      Well I suppose that depends on whether it is just bigger or has extra features. If the former, Plus. If the latter, Pro...
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