• Apple Debuts 'Shot on iPhone' ad uses Mother's Day to get emotional impact

    Today, Apple released a new TV commercial, which uses the upcoming Mother's Day holiday to benefit the "Shot on iPhone" marketing campaign which has been used many times previously on commercials and billboards across the world.

    The commercial however doesn't have the usual narrative by celebrities or a voice-over personnel. It instead has a montage of customer-shot photos and videos why is the idea of the mothers and their children.

    The campaign "Shot on iPhone" is a campaign which has been used across the world since March of 2015. It is meant to show off the camera quality as the key selling points of the iPhone. Many other smartphones which are rivals of the iPhone have obviously caught up in the photography department but iPhone's have ranked high in tests by reviews, also the iPhone 6 and 5s were the most popular cameras on Flickr.

    The "iPhone 7 Plus," could feature have a dual-lens camera.
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    1. Steiganator's Avatar
      Steiganator -
      Very cute. Apple always knows how to make a great commercial to touch everyone's hearts.
    1. DieselVexx's Avatar
      DieselVexx -
      I've seen movies and model shoots shot solely with an iPhone. If this doesn't move you then nothing will.
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