• Flex 3 and Flex 2.5 are getting a major facelift

    Flex is getting a makeover with a new design which we can see below.

    John, the developer and creator of Flex states "I have good news. I've been working on Flex 3 for a good while now, and I think you're going to like the new features.

    What is Flex?
    Flex is a powerful jailbreak app/tweak that allows you to create your own mini tweaks. Flex allows you to make tweaks that such as getting unlimited tabs in Safari to not sending the typing notification in iMessage.

    How Does Flex Work?
    Flex works by creating "patches" to apps. First off, it gets the headers from a library that you want (such as ChatKit or UIKit). Then it allows you to choose the return value of the functions. So, for example if the return type is a "BOOL" then you can either choose FALSE or TRUE for it. Then I'm guessing it uses MobileSubstrate to patch it in the running processes.

    Limits of Flex
    Unfortunately, Flex does have many limits. It doesn't allow you to create "full-blown tweaks" such as Zephyr. It doesn't allow you to edit what the function does, only the return value of it. So if you wanted to make a tweak that adds something in the statusbar when you're taking a picture, you can't make it with Flex.

    How Much Does Flex Cost?
    Flex costs $3.99

    If you'd like to receive a notification of when the Flex 3 Beta is available, or notification on when your submitted patches are approved, please verify your email by visiting John's Twitter on John Coates (@punksomething) | Twitter

    We will keep you up to date with the latest anyway here at ModMyi

    [via Reddit]
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