• Apple Supplier Sees Uptick in Manufacturing Orders Ahead of 2017 iPhone

    Will Apple launch an iPhone in the year 2017 that features an OLED display? The Rumor Mill believes it will, and suppliers are seeing a trend that could suggest that future will happen.

    A report from Bloomberg states that Applied Materials, a supply partner for Apple, is starting to see its orders shift in a big way, all of which suggest that Apple could include an oft-requested feature in the iPhone it launches in 2017. During an earnings call, Applied Materials confirmed that it has seen a shift in demand for new manufacturing materials, which has many speculating that this is indeed a sign that Apple is switching to OLED panels for the 2017 iPhone, which could be called the iPhone 8.

    The CEO of Applied Materials is Gary Dickerson, and while he wouldn’t come right out and say that Apple is the company they are adjusting their manufacturing materials for, the hint he dropped is pretty obvious:

    “It’s not a peak or a one-time event,” said Applied Materials Chief Executive Officer Gary Dickerson. “This is going to be sustainable growth. We all know who is the leader in terms of mobile products.”
    The rumors surrounding Apple and OLED have been kicking around for quite some time, with an analyst’s expectations surfacing in late April that said Apple could see the launch of the iPhone 8 in 2017 with an OLED display, wireless charging, and much more. Way back in December of last year, a report surfaced that said Apple was working with Japan Display to bring an OLED iPhone to market in 2018.

    Still, this comment from Allied Materials would line up with how the company’s manufacturing process works. Dickerson said it takes about three quarters to build, deliver, and install new manufacturing materials. With that being the case, a ramp up happening right now would suggest that major changes are coming down the line from Apple.

    Despite the fact that Apple has yet to announce the successor to the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, which is expected to launch later this year, rumors are steadily cropping up about the iPhone expected to land in 2017. That includes features that could include an edge-to-edge display, no physical Home button, wireless charging, a water proof design, and much more.

    Are you ready to see an iPhone with an OLED display?

    [via Bloomberg]
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