• Beware of fake jailbreaking schemes

    Trusted site Redmond Pie, who has for the past few months been employing click-baiting by posting rubbish jailbreak "updates" every few days, has a user who has posted a scam disguised as a jailbreaking technique. The promise of a jailbreak is given if you:

    1. Enter: jailbreak(.)mobicheats(.)org using safari on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad)
    2. Download and open any app to validate your iPhone/iPad
    3. The jailbreaking will then automatically start
    4. Wait for the process to finish
    5. Restart your iOS device
    Be warned! This WILL NOT jailbreak your device and will instead load a custom profile which cannot be removed unless a random is paid.

    As jailbreakers become more creative, so do the scammers.
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