• Apple Music Facing Problems Due to iCloud Music Library Issues

    Apple Music subscribers are facing spotty issues when it comes to their music libraries, or syncing up with iCloud in general.

    As noticed by 9to5Mac, many users are experiencing an outage with iCloud Music Library, even as Apple’s System Status page doesn’t reflect any widespread outages. The issue is affecting those who try to connect to Apple Music on both iOS and through OS X and iTunes. The original report points out that many iOS users are hitting a “Join Apple Music” message, regardless of whether or not they’re already subscribed to the service.

    For iTunes users, the message reads for some users that the service is unable to connect to iTunes Music Library. The same message, or something similar, will apparently pop up when trying to play specific tracks as well. Some users are noticing that their music is not available at all.

    Many have pointed out that force quitting the apps, and trying to connect again, is fixing the issue. Some say that doesn’t work at all, and others are pointing out they can’t connect to iTunes to buy anything.

    UPDATE: Now fixed according to Apple's system check.

    Are you experiencing any issues?

    [via Apple System Support]
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    1. xboxbml's Avatar
      xboxbml -
      Ok...this is getting a little out of hand now...WTH is going on?!? Can't download apps, can't get to iCloud music...
    1. law111's Avatar
      law111 -
      Yea I had iCloud music library issues but I think it was related to a different issue.
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