• Macs Gaining "Steam" In May

    In what comes as a welcome announcement to Mac users and PC gamers longing for the touch and feel of a Mac, Steam, the popular PC gaming platform from Valve Software, is headed to Mac systems as early as this spring. While the arrival will come in May, some of the company's biggest games (those presently available and many upcoming titles) will similarly turn for Mac throughout the year.

    While rumors have swirled for some time around the possibility of Steam coming to Mac, information leaked from next month's issue of GameInformer seems to confirm the speculation with a revelation that Valve will kick off a beta of Steam for Mac in the next few months. As many avid gamers are excited to learn, Portal 2 will hit Macs by this fall.

    Consequently, this announcement has a lot of people thinking about Apple's next Macbook Pro release, as the Intel Core i5/i7 processors will make Steam for Mac a truly sweet experience, indeed.

    Although Steam is about eight years old, it's only become ultra-popular in the last few years. Essentially functioning as a gaming app store for PCs, the arrival of Steam on Mac systems will create lots of new and exciting gaming experiences for Apple fans who will now have access to this incredibly awesome digital distribution system for the hottest PC gaming titles in existence.
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