• Apple Reportedly Not Introducing External Display with Integrated GPU

    With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference happening in under two weeks, speculation about one potential product has picked up.

    Recently, a report detailed the stock of Apple’s long-in-the-tooth Thunderbolt Display. Spot checks at Apple Stores in the United States, along with other regions across the globe, indicated that stock for Apple’s external display was being whittled down, and, perhaps more importantly, not being replaced. In fact, the report indicated that there were no plans to immediately replace the dwindling stock.

    As a result of that, reports, and speculation, began to surface suggesting that Apple could replace the Thunderbolt Display with a new, 5K external display with an integrated GPU. The idea here was that Apple would take some of the graphical processing overhead off a MacBook connected to it. It could also mean just a single cable would be necessary to drive a 5K display.

    However, according to a report published by iMore, citing unnamed sources, that’s not going to be the case at this year’s WWDC:

    “It sounds cool, but I asked around, and it’s not happening at the keynote or any time in the immediate future.”
    Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple won’t announce a new external display at WWDC 2016, as the report just seems to indicate one that includes an integrated GPU isn’t happening.
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    1. chasev2's Avatar
      chasev2 -
      A display that can connect with usb-c seems necessary, unless Apple is going to stop making displays entirely.
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