• What to expect at WWDC 2016

    Prolific Apple leaker Mark Gurman has shared Apple’s plans for WWDC and beyond on the Jay and Farhard Show podcast. While most of the information revealed by Mark was already known previously, there are some new revelations as well.

    Gurman notes that Apple will not be launching any new hardware at WWDC this year, and instead, the company will focus on tvOS, iOS, OS X, and watchOS. Considering that WWDC is a developer-focused event, it does make sense for Apple to not unveil any new hardware at the event.

    OS X is also set to get Siri for the Mac as previously reported.

    iOS, Security and Photos

    For iOS, Gurman says that Apple will be making slight design changes to the OS, along with notifications getting a bit more colorful. Nothing too radical, but good enough to be noticeable. The Photos app will also be getting a major update and will gain annotation features like adding text captions, arrows, and more.

    Apple will also be improving the encryption system it uses in iOS, though after the company’s recent tiff with the FBI, this should not come as a surprise. Gurman also expects Apple to improve the lock screen on iOS to add functionality that will be similar to Glances or Complications on Apple Watch.

    Lastly, if you were expecting iTunes to get a major UI revamp, then sadly that is not going to happen this year.

    Apple Music, iMessages, and MacBook Pro

    As rumored before, the Apple Music app will also be getting a re-design that will see it switch to a darker theme, similar to how Spotify looks. The ‘New’ tab in the app will also be renamed to ‘Browse’ to make it more clear which music is in the cloud and which is stored locally on the device.

    Gurman believes that Apple will be adding the ability to transfer money over iMessage via Apple Pay. This feature has been rumored since long, but there have been no substantial leaks on that front to confirm that Apple is finally getting around to launching it.

    As for the MacBook Pro, Gurman says that the new MacBooks with a secondary OLED display are not going to be unveiled by Apple before the end of this year. A leak from last month point towards the upcoming MacBook Pro coming with a secondary OLED screen that will replace the Fn keys. It will also come with Touch ID integration.

    Gurman further adds that the MacBook Air lineup is essentially dead, and while it will still stay around for a few more years, its not going to be upgraded in any significant way.

    2017 iPhone

    Gurman dismisses the report of Apple switching to a three-year refresh cycle for the iPhone, and instead he says that the company has switched to a one-year cycle where it will be making noticeable yet modest design changes every year. He also reveals that the 2017 iPhone will be a huge refresh and will feature a larger screen, with Touch ID being moved behind the screen.
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