• Apple Acknowledges 13-inch MacBook Pro Freezing Issues; Here’s How to fix it

    Many MacBook Pro users have been complaining about their laptops freezing at random after installing the OS X 10.11.4 and 10.11.5 update. The issue leads to the MacBook Pro becoming entirely unresponsive while using Safari, with the only way to get things working is to hard reboot the laptop.

    The issue primarily seems to affect 13-inch MacBook Pro users, though some MacBook and Mac users have also complained about it.

    Apple has now officially acknowledged the issue through a new support document. The company mentions in its support document very simple ways to fix the issue including:

    • Updating OS X to the latest software update available
    • Update the Flash Player plug-in, if you have it installed

    As per MacRumors forums though, many 13-inch MacBook Pro users continue to face the issues despite trying out the steps mentioned by Apple in its support document. Some users also note that they are facing the issue even though they don’t have the Flash plugin installed on their Mac at all.

    The issue seems to have started occurring from OS X 10.11.4, and the bug has since then continued to exist in all future beta and final releases of OS X El Capitan.

    Have you faced the freezing issue on your 13-inch MacBook Pro? Or any other Mac?

    Drop in a comment and let us know
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