• Apple Seeds iOS 9.3.3 Beta 2 to Public Beta Testers

    Yesterday, Apple seeded the second developer beta for iOS 9.3.3, the companyís upcoming version of the mobile operating system.

    Now, one day later, Apple has followed the developer beta with the second public beta. Apple has seeded the second public beta of iOS 9.3.3, allowing even more people to test out the upcoming software. For those who are signed up for the Beta Program, you can download the new software as an over-the-air update. The seed of iOS 9.3.3ís second public beta test arrives two weeks after the first public beta was seeded.

    iOS 9.3.3 is a relatively minor update, meant to address any behind-the-scenes fixes that have come up since the release of iOS 9.3.2, which was publicly released on May 16.

    Are you a beta tester?
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    1. kelkel5313's Avatar
      kelkel5313 -
      Testing right now
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      Quote Originally Posted by kelkel5313 View Post
      Testing right now
      Anything interesting?
    1. Caiden Spencer's Avatar
      Caiden Spencer -
      Quote Originally Posted by SpiderManAPV View Post
      Anything interesting?
      Nope and I'm on 9.3.3 Beta 3
    1. Scotty Manley Silberhorn's Avatar
      Scotty Manley Silberhorn -
      Quote Originally Posted by Caiden Spencer View Post
      Nope and I'm on 9.3.3 Beta 3
      No you're not
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