• WWDC June 13th 2016 - Live Event Blog

    This is it, folks! Apple’s highly anticipated WWDC 2016 Keynote at (10:00 AM Pacific Time or 1:00 PM Eastern Time).

    Apple is widely expected to unveil iOS 10, macOS 10.12 (rebranded from OS X), a new version of watchOS and tvOS, and hopefully some big surprises.

    Apple will be live streaming WWDC keynote, so you can watch it live on your television via Apple TV, Mac, your iOS device and even on your Windows PC or Android device.

    Watch WWDC 2016 Keynote Live

    WWDC 2016 – Apple’s biggest developer conference takes place at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Franciso. Apple has been prepping the venue for the event since last week.

    NOTE: THIS IS THE OFFICIAL LIVE BLOG THREAD. Join us HERE for the latest updates at WWDC.

    We're up and ready to post live once the stream begins. Tune in for live updates.

    The stream is live with some beboppy music in the background.

    Got TNT by Netsky playing now.

    Lord Have Mercy by NVOY now.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, our presentation will begin shortly."

    Started playing Wow by Beck.

    Music off now. Here we go!

    Tim's on stage now.

    Talking about Orlando. "We offer our sympathies to anyone who's lives were touched by this violence."

    A moment of silence to honor the victims.

    "Hello and welcome to WWDC16."

    "This is truly a worldwide conference. We have people from over 74 countries."

    Some statistics on attendees now.

    The appstore has more than 2,000,000 apps available on the app store with over 130,000,000 times. Over $150,000,000,000 to developers.

    "Today, for the first time, we're going to talk about 4 platforms." watchOS, OS X, tvOS, and iOS.

    We're talking about watchOS now.

    Dramatic improvements to speed in watchOS 3.

    New glances using the side button.

    They've added control center and added smarter replies to messages.

    A new way to write with Scribble.

    A new Minnie Mouse face and Activity rings face. Activity Rings has 3 options for faces. New Numerals face.

    We have a live demo of watchOS 3 now.

    A customizeable dock with live previews of apps.

    Updates to timer with the most used times.

    New apps like Reminders and Find My Friends.

    New Quick Start feature for workouts.

    Scribble works in English and Chinese.

    New SOS on the Apple Watch. Press and hold the side button until it calls 911.

    Automatically sends a message to your emergency contacts and displays your medical ID.

    New Activity and Workout designs as well as a new app.

    New activity sharing to help motivate people with competition.

    New workout themed quick replies.

    New workouts for wheelchair users.

    New wheelchair settings. It'll swap Time To Stand to Time To Roll. New workouts and customized Activity Rings.

    New app for help called Breathe. It can help you breathe correctly. Comes with smart reminders and a timer from 1-5 minutes.

    New APIs in the apple watch for Apple Pay, workouts, and better support for other apps.

    Developer preview release today and the full release this fall.

    Time for tvOS with Eddie Cue.

    From 80 to 1,300 video channels and 6,000 apps.

    Sling, Fox Sports GO, Molotov, NBA2k16, and Sketch Party coming soon.

    A new version of Remote for iOS to control your TV on iOS.

    "Let's talk about Siri." You can use Siri to search movies by topic.

    Searches over 650,000 videos and shows.

    Can use Siri to search YouTube now.

    Use Siri for Live Tune in to jump straight into the action.

    New Single Sign-on. This got the most applause so far.

    New Dark Mode for tvOS.

    Automatically installs apps from your iPhone to the AppleTV.

    New APIs for tvOS such as ReplayKit iCloudKit, and HomeKit.

    Developer preview today with the full release this fall.

    Time for OS X.

    Time for the "Naming Controversy."

    "The name of the world's most advanced operating system is now macOS.

    The newest macOS is called Sierra.

    New Auto Unlock feature. Uses your Apple Watch to securely connect and unlock your Mac.

    A new Universal Clipboard drew gasps and applause from the crowd.

    Moving on to iCloud and iCloud Drive.

    10,000,000,000 documents in iCloud Drive.

    iCloud now syncs your desktop to other Macs and iPhones.

    New optimized storage. Helps move old files into the cloud to give you room on your hard drive. Also helps get rid of files you'll never use with a simple user interface. Cleard a Mac with 20GB free to 150GB free.

    Time for Apple Pay. They wanted to bring this experience to the Mac.

    They're bringing Apple Pay to the web. A new "Pay with Apple Pay" button allows you to pay online with your phone or watch.

    Apple Pay will by moving to 3 new countries this year.

    Tabs in all multi-window apps including 3rd party apps.

    Picture in Picture now coming to Mac.

    Siri is coming to the Mac and would like to give a demo.

    Siri "has no complaint about the lack of Windows."

    Siri can search your files and emails as well now.

    You can now pin Siri results to your notifications.

    You can take search results straight from Siri to use in documents.

    "And that's a quick look at macOS Sierra."

    Time for iOS 10.

    The biggest iOS release ever with 10 major new features.

    A new User Experience.

    A new Raise to Wake feature on iOS to let you see notifications easier.

    You can now use 3D touch on your notifications to interact with them on the lock screen.

    They've now added a proper quick reply function.

    A new Control Center design with a section designed for Music.

    New Lock Screen Widgets by swiping left.

    If you looked closely you could see a HomeKit app.

    Better widgets on your home screen.

    Next up, Siri.

    Siri services 2,000,000,000 requests per week.

    Opening Siri up to developers.

    Standing ovation to the announcement.

    Support messaging with apps like WeChat, slack, and WhatsApp.

    Rides, workouts, payments, VoIP, and other programs are all supported by Siri.

    New QuickType with Siri intelligence to the keyboard. Uses deep learning to help you select the best words in your keyboard.

    Siri can automatically supply location info and contact information in your messages.

    Next up is photos.

    "We wanted to give you easier ways to find the photos you've taken."

    Advanced Computer Vision brings facial recognition to your iPhone.

    Also has object recognition.

    Comes with a memories feature to remind you of photos based on location and the people involved.

    Can automatically create movies based on similar photos and clips.

    A time slider and mood setting can change the feel of the memories.

    Mac gets these features as well.

    Eddie Cue back on stage.

    "Let's talk about maps."

    Completely redesigned maps with an intuitive design.

    "We're applying all these new designs to navigation as well."

    Opening maps up to developers.

    You can find restaurants and rides on the maps app.

    Over 15,000,000 subscribers to Apple Music.

    Today a new Apple Music redesigned from the ground up.

    New Lyrics in the Music app.

    "Beats1 is becoming the largest radio station in the world."

    "Let's talk about news."

    Over 2,000 publishers and 6,000,000 readers in Apple News.

    Introducing subscriptions to read articles from magazines and subscriber only publications.

    Get the most important news right on your lock screen.

    We're building on the HomeKit framework to make a new app called Home.

    New Scenes feature to change all your homekit settings at once.

    Siri now interacts with Scenes.

    New geofences can change your scene based on where you're located.

    New phone features.

    Get a voicemail transcription in the missed calls tab.

    Can now check to see whether calls are spam.

    A new VoIP API allows you to call with alternate apps.

    The Cisco app allows you to pick up work calls on the go so you can ALWAYS be on call.

    "Messages is the most used app in iOS."

    New Rich Links in Messages.

    New 3x larger emojis.

    Emoji prediction as you type.

    "You can Tap Tap Tap! and emojify!"

    New Bubble Effects.

    You can make text louder or quieter.

    New invisible ink hides pictures or messages until you clear it out.

    New reactions to give a quick reply.

    You can now handwrite messages.

    New Full Screen effects.

    Opening up messages to developers with iMessage apps.

    New stickers, gifs, and other apps.

    New notes collaboration.

    Conversation view in mail.

    Live photo editing.

    Split view in Safari on iPad.

    New privacy features.

    Facetime, messages, and homekit always use end-to-end encryption.

    All deep learning and facial recognition is done on device.

    Apple doesn't build user profiles on your searches.

    Differential Privacy allows Apple to stay up to date and keep everything private.

    "Actually, there's on more thing."

    A new video for iOS 10.

    Developer preview today with a public beta in July. Free upgrade in the fall.

    Back to Tim.

    Over 100,000 apps use Swift.

    Swift is the #1 project language on GitHub.

    A new iPad app release called Swift Playgrounds to help you learn to code with Swift on iPad.

    Comes with an advanced programming features as well.

    Playgrounds will be included in the betas and will be free in the app store when iOS 10 releases.

    A new video advertising coding on Apple OSes with Swift.

    That's it for the live thread eveyone, thanks for tuning in!
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