• Rhapsody is Rebranding Itself Napster

    Guess who's back? If we close our eyes and think back to 1999, we can probably remember more than a few things — like Napster.

    Rhapsody is one of the many popular streaming music services out there, and the company has just announced that it’s making a big change — the name. Specifically, Rhapsody, which is what Napster changed its name to many years ago, is going back to the Napster name. Unfortunately the company is keeping everyone in the dark for now, simply announcing that “Napster is coming” with that very familiar logo in tow.

    When the change will actually happen, or what it might mean for users, remains to be seen. However, the company does say that there’s “No changes to your playlists, favorites, albums, and artists. Same music. Same service. Same price. 100% the music you love,” so for the Rhapsody users out there that’s probably good news.

    How often did you use Napster all those years ago? Certainly an interesting time to make the announcement, considering the changes Apple announced to its own streaming music service, Apple Music, just yesterday.

    [via Rhapsody]
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    1. icebox93's Avatar
      icebox93 -
      I was a heavy Napster user, I loved it.
    1. punjabi212's Avatar
      punjabi212 -
      The good old days.
    1. jackbauerctu's Avatar
      jackbauerctu -
      Napster the legal music streaming service or napster p2p music stealing service?
    1. jackbauerctu's Avatar
      jackbauerctu -
      And do I have to leave my pc on overnight and hope the new puff daddy song is ready by the morning?
    1. dsg's Avatar
      dsg -
      Metallica Will Shut You Down, Don't Do It
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