• Apple Kills Off The Game Center App with iOS 10

    When iOS 10 rolls out to all this fall, itís going to kill the dedicated Game Center app. Testers have found itís already missing from the first beta release, which was made available on Monday, but it could be available from the App Store later.

    Some rumors have claimed Apple has been thinking about killing Game Center for a while ó as far back as iOS 8. The same functionality is expected to move into iOS games themselves instead, leaving no need for a central hub.

    Now it looks like Apple is finally making that move. Game Center is missing from the home screen in the first iOS 10 beta, and new guidelines confirm that developers must implement ďthe interface behavior necessary for the user to see [GameKit] features.Ē

    There is a chance Apple could make a Game Center app available from the App Store. It is already making other stock apps available to download so that users have the ability to remove them if theyíre unused, so this is a possibility.

    However, it seems unlikely the company would ask developers to integrate a Game Center interface into their games if this is the case.

    Game Center itself certainly isnít dying, then, but things like leaderboards and achievements will now move into games themselves. It seems unlikely a large number of people will have used the Game Center app anyway, which is probably why itís dying.
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    1. therandy's Avatar
      therandy -
      I used it only when I would get a random friend request. I would decline said stranger and close the app!! that's it!
    1. Krayziezay's Avatar
      Krayziezay -
      I don't see the point of it honestly
    1. xboxbml's Avatar
      xboxbml -
      Quote Originally Posted by Krayziezay View Post
      I don't see the point of it honestly
      Never did...
    1. Leolion311's Avatar
      Leolion311 -
      Why did they kill GameCentre as I played against a lot in 8 ball pool
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