• Poll: Which Is Your Favorite New Feature in iOS 10?

    It has been over two days now since Apple first unveiled iOS 10 at WWDC 2016, which means that the post announcement excitement has likely died down around the new features introduced in the OS. This also means that you have had plenty of time to realise which new features are actually likely going to be useful for you in day-to-day life.

    Fitting for its name, iOS 10 comes with 10 major new features that Apple highlighted while unveiling the OS:

    Siri Opens to Developers

    Siri is perhaps getting the biggest upgrade with iOS 10. With third-party app integration, Siri will now be able to directly book a cab or order a pizza for you. It will now also be able to send messages to your friends or families using third-party apps like WeChat and Slack.

    Redesigned Lock Screen

    The Lock Screen iOS 10 has been completely revamped and now features deeper 3D Touch integration. It now also features a useful Raise to Wake feature that automatically wakes up the screen of your iPhone when you wake it up, so that you can quickly glance at the time and check any new notification. Additionally, it allows you to interact with apps so you can check an email content or reply to messages right from the lock screen.

    To quickly glance information from various sources and apps, the new Lock Screen in iOS 10 provides quick access to the widgets with a simple left swipe.

    All-new design for Music app
    Let’s be honest: the current Apple Music app is a usability mess. Apple is fixing this issue with the redesigned Apple Music app that is easier to navigate. It also better distinguishes between music that is stored locally and on the cloud to ensure that you don’t exhaust your mobile data. And with lyrics integration, the new Apple Music app will help you in singing along to the tunes of your favorite songs.

    Redesigned Maps app with Extensions

    Apple Maps will also be getting a huge redesign as a part of the iOS 10 update. Along with a higher information density and easier to use UI, the app now comes with nifty features like Dynamic View, Quick Controls, and support for alternate routes.

    Most importantly perhaps, Apple Maps now also features third-party app integration using Extensions. This will allow users to directly make hotel reservations, book taxis, and more right from inside the Maps app.

    All-new Home app

    The long rumored standalone HomeKit app — Home — has finally made its debut with iOS 10. The app provides a centralised place to control all your HomeKit-compatible devices. It also features Scenes that lets you daisy chain a bunch of actions together into one. So, for example, with a ‘Good Night’ scene, the lights will automatically dim, music will stop playing, and more. Scenes will also be supported by Siri, so you can trigger one directly using a voice command.

    Expressive iMessage

    Taking a cue out of WeChat, Apple has greatly improved iMessage with iOS 10 and added support for developers to integrate their apps with it. iMessage will now also preview links that are shared inside it, with other features like bubble effects, emojify, and tap to replace helping you converse and express yourself better using emojis.

    Memories in Photos

    Apple has further improved its Photos app for iOS 10 by adding facial, object and scene recognition features. There is also a new feature called Memories that automatically groups photos based on their location and time taken. It will also create a highlight reel of the best photos and videos from a particular event. All of these features work on-device without using your photos being uploaded to the cloud.

    Redesigned Apple News
    Apple News is another pre-built iOS app that is getting a major update with iOS 10. The redesigned app now features multiple sections and panes to help you browse and read articles easily. It has also grown smarter and will now recommend you articles to read based on your reading habits.

    Other new features that Apple News is gaining with iOS 10 include support for Subscriptions and breaking news notifications.

    Improved Keyboard with Siri integration

    The QuickType feature stock iOS keyboard will be gaining Siri integration with iOS 10. This will help in QuickType providing you more accurate suggestions and relevant information depending on the conversation you are having. So, for example, if your friend asks for a location, Quicktype will automatically provide you with the suggestion to send your location to them.

    Phone App Gains VoIP Calls, Voicemail transcription and Caller ID support

    VoIP calls and notifications are treated just like any other notification in iOS, which they ideally should not. With iOS 10, Apple is providing a new Phone API to developers through which they can integrate their VoIP apps directly into the system. This will allow incoming VoIP calls to have the same priority and benefits as regular phone calls.

    The Phone app is also gaining support for a new Extension that will allow third-party app integration. This will allow apps like Tencent and TrueCaller to display information about the caller on the incoming call screen.

    Lastly, with Voicemail Transcription, there is no need to listen to your unread voicemail. You can simply read them from the Phone app.

    So, our today’s poll is simple:-
    Which is your favorite new feature in iOS 10?
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