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    This article was originally published in forum thread: iOS 10 Beta Has an Unencrypted Kernel; Makes It Easier to Discover Security Flaws started by Caiden Spencer View original post
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    1. Brandon.amos's Avatar
      Brandon.amos -
      That would be a very intelligent thing to do on their part. Especially with everyone complaining about security & privacy these days, and with the government hounding Apple to make a backdoor for them to use whenever they wish. iOS may not be the most amazing software, where you can do everything you want, but I'll give them the award for security. They seem pretty keen on keeping things safe from malware, viruses, hacking etc. Which I greatly appreciate as an iPhone user since PhoneOS 2.2.1.
    1. bigbaba's Avatar
      bigbaba -
      can we haz jailbreak now? would be nice if they unlocked the boot loader while they were at it...
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