• Those Waiting for MacBook Pro Update Are Told "Not To Worry"

    The MacBook Pro hasn't been updated in... well, who can remember back that far? And while rumors and speculation have hinted at a forthcoming update since shortly after the last one, it now seems we shouldn't "worry" about too much about additional delays. Now, before you send me a nasty message... please consider the reason for such optimism. The suggestion of a soon-to-arrive update reportedly comes from the highest sources inside Apple.

    Our friends at MacRumors reported last night that one of their readers personally reached out to Steve Jobs with concerns about the lag time between MacBook Pro updates.

    "I recognize the need for secrecy etc but I am really losing heart in the lack of vision for the MBP and Mac Pros. Not expecting a response but as someone who has personally switched dozens of people onto the mac way this is a sad email for me to compose."
    Jobs is believed to have personally responded to the writer's concern about the endless wait time for an update. Jobs' message: "Not to worry." But perhaps more significant than Jobs' message (assuming the note is legit), are the increasingly limited supplies of the notebook, a situation that leaves many to assume that a MacBook Pro update is not only in store, but also imminent this time.

    Of course, most industry analysts maintain a March/June time estimate for the update - sort of like Tornado season. Yes, a twister is most likely to strike during this period, but there are no guarantees. The same could also be said of the MacBook Pro update, which will probably serve up a faster Intel Processor, superior graphics, and a wide assortment of touch-ups and boosts that, hopefully, will make the long wait worth it.

    As of the most recent published reports of factors contributing the delayed update, a short supply of Intel processors remains the most reasonable culprit responsible for pushing back the scheduled release of the update... again and again.
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