• Apple's 'Frankie's Holiday' ad debuts

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    While some might think it's still a bit too early for holiday ads, Apple has released their annual ad for 2016, titled 'Frankie's Holiday'.

    The ad features Brad Garrett as the famous monster, Frankenstein, as he sits tucked away in a mountain top cabin only to venture outside to pick up a package and then make his way down to the town square where some folks are visibly concerned at his presence. Eventually, his intentions are made known when he begins to sing “(There’s No Place Like) Home for the Holidays” with some help from the voice memos app on his iPhone and the once concerned townsfolk.

    In the end, the ad closes with the message 'open your heart to everyone'. Speaking to Fast Co. Create, Vice President of Marketing at Apple, Tor Myhren noted 'We wanted to put out a message from Apple around this time of year that reminds everyone that what drives us as human beings is the desire for human connection.' You can check out the full ad for yourself below.

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