• ModMyi Jailcast 21: LaughingQuoll

    In case you missed the big news, Jailcast is now run under the ModMyi brand.

    In this episode, Josh is joined by LaughingQuoll, the creator of Noctis, and the up-and-coming tweak that resembles the TouchBar on the new MacBookPro's. They talk about some specifics regarding TouchBar and Vigor, which is another new tweak from Atom Dev Team. They also cover a bit of recent news and take some live listener questions. Check out the full episode shownotes here.

    Our episodes will be available on ModMyi's new YouTube channel, and you can also add our RSS feed to your favorite podcasts app.

    If it's your thing, you can support LaughingQuoll on his Patreon and by doing so, you will get access to beta versions and previews of his tweaks and other 'surprises'.

    Stay tuned for a lot of exciting content from ModMyi's Jailcast!
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