• Elias Limneos plays with the NFC chip, will release something interesting

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    Long time tweak developer Elias Limneos tweeted a video, hinting at unknown functionality.

    Ever since Apple released their flagship device almost 10 years ago, enthusiasts have been wanting to do things like unlock their doors or customize a notification system with tags around their house. These types of things haven't really been possible due to the locked-down nature of iOS's ecosystem.

    The NFC, or 'Near Field Communication' chip introduced with the iPhone 6 has been locked down by Apple to prevent developers from accessing it. Until now, the only thing it's been used for is Apple Pay. Apple has put a lot of effort into ensuring the security of the NFC controller, tying it closely to the Secure Element, which is a part of the Secure Enclave. Because it is all tied to Apple Pay, it doesn't seem like they have an incentive to open it up to third-party developers anytime soon.

    See page 34 of Apple's iOS Security Guide for more information regarding Apple's policy about NFC.

    Limneos has proven himself to be an incredibly talented developer with household tweak names under his belt like; CallBar, AnsweringMachine and BioProtect. Is it not surprising that he'd be the one to crack the chip.

    This is exciting news, as he has stated that he will be releasing something sooner or later. This almost certainly means we will see a tweak from him in the coming weeks.
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