• iOS Blocks scores a new update, fixes disappearing blocks

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    Going forward, going strong.

    The revolutionary tweak, iOS Blocks by Andy Wiik, sometimes referred as Curago, has scored yet another update with many important fixes like a bugfix for the disappearing blocks which was a huge issue that haunted a lot of users. The free tweak has seen very fast paced development, lately, after being abandoned for many months, which is very welcome as there were numerous requests from users for someone to resurrect the project while it was hibernating.

    The latest update bumps the version to 0.2.3-0 which is just a minor change from 0.2.2-0, however, the bugfix list is relatively long and much welcome as it fixes the most annoying and most infamous of the bugs that were plaguing the tweak.

    Here are the changes:

    • Fixed badges sometimes being out of place on icons
    • Fixed being unable to open an app while in 'Block' mode (also may have fixed interaction issues too)
    • Fixed the Calendar Widget Day of Week and Month being static and not localised
    • Fixed the Messages Block text being all funky due to an encoding issue
    • Fixed blocks being incorrectly sized upon rotation for iOS 9 and 10 (fix still needed for iOS 7 + 8)
    • Fixed blocks randomly disappearing
    • Fixed Contact names on the Messages Block
    • Fixed the Notifications Block so it will actually show the notifications now
    • Fixed a crash when receiving a message while the Messages Block was open
    • Possibly fixed some freezes as well

    Special note from the Andy Wiik:

    "We will only be accepting issues via the Issue Tracker on GitHub in order to keep the project organised. If you do not have a GitHub account you will need to make one in order to submit an issue. Please remember to include your device and iOS Version when submitting an issue."

    iOSCreatix Repo
    GitHub Issue Tracker
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