• Prepare for the extra_recipe jailbreak with Kenobi, by Ben Weaver


    Use this before you run the new jailbreak, it will uninstall Order 65 and Order 66.

    With the news that the iPhone 7 jailbreak is stable now that Luca has combined extra_recipe with YaluX, people will need to update. Kenobi, is a new tweak from Ben Weaver that will make it easy to remove Order 65 and 66, the tweaks that enabled substrate for Yalu Beta 3 with mach_portal.

    Since Luca has everything enabled with this new exploit, these tweaks aren't needed anymore and likely could cause issues if left on the device. It's better off to remove them.

    It should remove all of his packages, in the reply to his own tweet, Ben mentions:

    "Use this for when the extra_recipe update is released."

    You will need to download the new .ipa file and side load with impactor. The important step here it to make sure and run Kenobi before running the jailbreak.

    This is a great tool for easily removing everything that you'd need to in order to safely jailbreak with the extra_recipe+YaluX. It would be recommended if you want to have a stable jailbreak.

    Get Kenobi from Ben's repo here.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Remove all changes made by Order 65, and 66 with Kenobi started by Josh Pasholk View original post
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